Before you travel….


Anyone else had enough winter? Now seems like a pretty good time to hop on a plane headed somewhere warm.  There’s some pretty good last minute deals out there too if you’re flexible on the dates.

Before you trade in your toque & mitts for sandals and sunscreen remember to take a minute to obtain travel medical insurance for you and your family. You may be thinking that nothing is going to happen to you. After all you just plan on sitting on the beach with a book and a cold drink.  The reality is that medical emergencies can happen to all types of travelers, at any age, in any location, at any time – even if you’re not planning any big adventures while you’re away.

In the midst of a medical emergency, you certainly shouldn’t be thinking about the costs, the bills, or saving money. With adequate travel medical insurance, you can instead focus on recovering and getting back home as quickly and safely as possible.

It seems like every other week there’s an article on the news about a Canadian injured abroad who didn’t have insurance and can’t afford the mounting hospital bills. Go fund me pages are a good way to raise a few bucks but often amount to just a drop in the bucket.  But what if there was a way you could avoid all of this in the first place…

Good news, there is, and it’s ridiculously easy too! Obtaining travel insurance is as easy as making a quick phone call.  In just a few minutes you’ll have your new travel policy in place and confirmation of coverage delivered to you by email right to your smartphone so you can take it with you on your trip.  You can even buy an annual package which offers you the freedom to jump on a last minute trip without worry.

So grab your phone and call our friends at Allianz Global Assistance by calling 1-800-995-1662.  They’ll ask you for an agency code which is 1098.  That code tells them you’re a Young & Haggis client.  In just a few minutes you’ll be protected so you can really truly relax on your vacation.

Enjoy your trip, and don’t forget to send us a post card!


Holiday Shopping

Holiday ShoppingThe holidays are finally here and some of you, like myself, may still be searching for the right gifts for the loved ones on your list. Here are a few ideas for the tech lovers in your life that also might help in the event they ever have to make an insurance claim.

Dash cam – Insurers in Canada don’t yet offer a dash camera discount. According a recent survey by 10% of Canadian drivers already drive with a vehicle equipped with a dash cam.  More than 25% said that while they don’t currently have a dash cam in their car, they think it’s a good idea.  The best part is they aren’t even all that expensive.

No matter how much you choose to spend on one, they’re well worth the investment. The footage they capture can make all the difference in the event of an accident where the drivers are providing different statements to the police and insurance adjusters.    With the camera footage it becomes a lot easier to identify and prove exactly what really happened.

Connected car – If you’re giving your child their first car for Christmas chances are you did your homework and tried to find them a safe, reliable and affordable automobile.  When it comes to pre-owned cars though you never really know what problems you may face down the road.  Some telecommunication companies, Telus for example, are now offering connected car plans that can be added to your phone plan.  It’s a small device that plugs into the diagnostic port on the vehicle and can alert to potential issues with the cars systems.  It can push alerts to your smartphone alerting to any diagnostic trouble codes, if your battery is low, or if you left your lights on.  Pricing starts at around $15 a month

Smart Thermostat – These are becoming more and more popular.  Not only are they more energy efficient but they can also provide a huge advantage over traditional thermostats from an insurance perspective.  These thermostats can send a push notification to any device running the companion application (smartphone or tablet) alerting you if the temperature dips below a pre determined value.  This is extremely valuable feature during our harsh Canadian winters as theres nothing worse than coming home from a hard day at work to find a pipe froze and burst in your home.

Smart plugs and lights – Remember those days of setting up light timers before going on vacation.  What about coming home alone late at night to a dark house?  Wouldn’t it be great if your lights turned on automatically everyday without having to think about it?  Or if they turned on when you pulled your car into the driveway?  Well the good news is this is all doable.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive if you don’t want it to be.  Smart plugs are super affordable now.  You can pick these up for a about $40.  They can run on a preset scheduled &/or use your phones location to determine when to turn on an off.   If you’re really adventurous a lot of them can be paired with IFTTT service so you can have a light turn on and off according to the weather, or sunset / sunrise.   Whatever set up you decide is right for you it provides added security for you and your family.  It might just be enough to deter a burglar if they think someone is home.

Wifi Water sensor – Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the new technology that’s offered to homeowners.  One example of this is a wifi water sensor.  For less than $70 you can set up a smart wifi water sensor in your home.  Typically you would want to set this up in your utility room near your hot water tank and floor drain.  If it comes in contact with any water it sounds an audible alarm in the home and sends a push notification to any smart devices running the companion application (smartphone or tablet for example).  Being notified early on gives you a better chance of minimizing the damage caused.   If cost is no object you can also get systems that not only sound an alarm and push a notification but also physically shut the main water line off as well in the event it detects a leak.

Wifi camera system – Much like vehicle dash cams, insurers don’t yet offer discounts for wifi camera systems.  However that doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable.  These systems can send push notifications to any smart device running the companion application (smartphone or tablet) alerting you to motion within the home or surrounding property.  They are also great for pet owners allowing them to check in on their fur babies and some systems even allow for two way communication allowing you to talk to your pets. Prices start at about $75 and go up depending on how many cameras you want and what features you’re looking for.

There is a lot of really great tech products out there these days and they are all pretty affordable. They can make life easier and provide peace of mind.  And in some cases provide valuable data to the insurance company in the event of a loss.

Happy shopping…..


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Young & Haggis Essential Gift Giving Guide

Its that time of year again.  This year it really does feel like we might actually have a white Christmas in Calgary.  Here then is the Young & Haggis essential gift giving guide to help your loved ones get through the long cold winter ahead.

  1. A rocket powered sled is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors.   Best part is you can’t get lost, your family & friends can just follow the scorched streak of earth you left behind.    Might even give Clark W Griswold’s greased up saucer a run for its money. Rocket Sled
  2. Maybe not as much fun as playing with rockets s, this idea is both useful and affordable by comparison.  The reversible cleat winter boot.   No more slip and falls for you my friend. 500x_reversible_cleat_boots
  3. The cold war. Remember the pain you used to feel after making a few dozen snowballs?   No more numb, wet, frozen fingers with this bad boy.  It sculpts the balls for you three at a time.  Then you can use the internal sling shot to fire them… up to 50 feet!
    Snowball gun
  4. Sausages & Beans… hot… from a can…. any time…. need I say more? Essential_Ridiculous_Winter_Gadgets_09
  5. Movember may be over, but that doesn’t mean you or your loved ones can’t look awesome all winter long.    Do it!beardheada__89801
  6. Slegoon Sled. This thing is like the grown up version of the GT Snow racer from my childhood. The roll cage protects the rider and doubles as extra runners should the death trap sled flip over mid-run.
  7. original
  8. Gas powered snowboard.  Perfect for those of you who live in the prairies.  This snowboard is gas powered.   Top speed 30km/h.  gas-powered-snowboard-2300
  9. NEST thermostat.  This thing is awesome.  it learns your habits, knows when you get home and when you leave and adjusts the head accordingly.  Syncs with a smartphone so you can control it from anywhere.
  10. nest
  11. The Chumbuddy shark sleeping bag.   Warm, cozy and safe… afterall,  whos going to mess with a shark… nobody, thats who. 
  12. S’mores maker.  Thats right, s’mores indoors.  No fire required.   Just load it and pop it in the microwave and they’re ready in no time. o-MICROWAVE-SMORES-MAKER-facebook

Happy Holidays!